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Deciding to sell your home can be a scary but exciting time.  It requires patience, hard work, and attention to detail; however, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier.  We’ve compiled a few helpful tips to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

Setting your price
Consult your realtor on setting your price; some realtors will even provide free home market analyses.  It is also a good idea to get a home inspection for this process.  The buyer will want to conduct one, and it is smart to be aware of any issues that may arise in order to avoid conflict/negotiation during the selling process.   By utilizing these resources, you can set your price at a realistic rate and obtain the highest return on your home.

Avoid major remodeling
While the initial home inspection may reveal some major problems, it is best to wait and save your money.  Getting return on large investments after closing is rare, and the work may not be necessary to complete the sale.  

Remember, the first impression counts!
The first thing a buyer sees is the yard and front of the house.  Be sure to maintain the lawn and the exterior of the home.  Key things to remember are watering, weeding, and mowing the lawn.  Inspect for peeling or chipped paint; a new coat on the front door will provide a quick face-lift.  Be aware of debris in the gutters and wash the windows, both inside and out.  Planting flowers is also a good idea to give the house a fresh, cheerful appeal.

This is the most important factor when selling a home.  Buyers may be more attracted to one house than another simply because of its appearance.  You have control over this situation, so be sure to take advantage.  Highlight the house’s features by getting rid of clutter.  Organize and clean closets, the garage, the attic and the basement.  Always keep the kitchen and bathrooms sparkling; new sets of dish and bath towels are a nice way to complement the rooms.  Applying fresh coats of paint on the walls and trim will give a crisp, clean look.   Brighten rooms by washing the light fixtures.  Once the major work is done, the daily upkeep is much easier.  However, it is necessary that the house be continuously maintained until the sale is final; it’s worth it!

Brighten it up
Your home is on display, so it is important that people can see it.  Take the time to make sure that light fixtures have new bulbs with appropriate wattage.  You don’t want to blind the buyers, but use enough light to enhance the features of your home. 

Final touches
Subtleties such as fresh flowers and fruit baskets will make the home more inviting and give it a warm, homey feeling.  Keeping the thermostat at a comfortable level will allow people to concentrate on the home and its features as opposed to their body temperature.  Finally, be sure there are no unpleasant smells permeating any rooms, a light enjoyable scent (candles or air fresheners) may be an appealing touch.

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